KAJANG, 1 DECEMBER 2022 – The Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS) has awarded a five (5) star rating under the Malaysian Motorcycle Assessment Program (MyMAP) to two (2) motorcycle models of the MODENAS brand; the NINJA 250 ABS and Z250 ABS. The rating was announced upon completion of the assessment and audit processes of both models at the Motosikal Dan Enjin Nasional Sdn. Bhd. (MODENAS) complex in Gurun on 25th October 2022. The audit results, which covered the fitment and testing processes, showed both models achieved excellent safety performance in all of MyMAP’s main criteria assessments. Detailed results for each model can be found on the MyMAP official website (

Both the Ninja 250 ABS and Z250 ABS, popular models in the 250cc category, scored equally high according to the scoring scheme set by MyMAP due to the close similarity in specifications and features of the two models. Among the factors for these two models to obtain high scores in the assessment is their compliance with the United Nations (UN) regulations. Furthermore, both models are also equipped with an anti-lock braking system (ABS) with a dual-channel ABS. The system is able to provide optimum safety to motorcyclists when braking, especially in emergency situations and even on slippery road surfaces. In addition to the required safety fitment in the motorcycle itself, MODENAS also offers a support program to their consumers by providing digital safe riding instructions in video format and brochures containing safe motorcycle riding information.

MODENAS’ voluntary participation in the MyMAP star rating program shows their support and commitment towards producing high-quality motorcycles which are also safe to ride. In addition, their involvement in the MyMAP program is able to spur other motorcycle brands to participate in the assessment in order to further encourage the production of safe motorcycles. This is particularly important in promoting new motorcycles with active safety technologies that are able to reduce the risk of motorcycle crashes on the road. Thus, MIROS will continue to work with all parties to create an environment in which motorcycles can be a safe mode of transportation.

As such, MIROS welcomes motorcycle manufacturers to participate in the MyMAP program by sending an application via email to

The summary of results for both the MODENAS NINJA 250 ABS and Z250 ABS are as follows:

❖ Both the MODENAS Ninja 250 ABS and Z250 ABS performed very well in the assessment with an overall score of 4.78 points over 5.00 points, which enabled them to obtain 5-Star ratings.
❖ The scoring breakdown for both models consists of (i) Compliancy with the UN Regulation with 0.45/0.5 points; (ii) Conformity of Production with 1.5/1.5 points;