Target & Scope

MyMAP is carried out in parallel with National Automotive Policy (NAP) as outlined by MITI and MARii. Thus, the long term target of the program is to ensure the motorcycle is equipped with the latest technology that will increase the safety of the motorcyclist. Among the technology considered to be significantly benefits motorcycle safety are brake technology such as  ABS, rider assistance technology such telematics and vehicle sensing & cognition technology such as LIDAR.

The price tag of low cc motorcycles (< 250cc) is usually low, making them more appealing to budget-conscious consumers. To keep a more competitive price, manufacturers tend to compromise on advanced safety features to drive costs down to compete against cheaper alternatives. This marketing strategy exposes the low cc motorcycle with greater crash and injury risk without the protection of more advanced safety features. 

Thus, we proposed to implement MyMAP to promote safety elements as a new dimension of market strategy, focusing on low cc motorcycles in the first phase of the program. We will expand the evaluation scope to more categories of motorcycles by phase as shown in the following Figure.